Building a niche site

Building a niche site


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The guide below was created in 2012 and was a tactical approach to building niche site. Much in the guide is no longer relevant in 2016 and beyond and has been removed from publication. If you’re looking for business models to follow, please see our updated post on the 11 most popular business models here.

Finally!  Our niche site guide, “Building A Niche Site Empire” is finished and ready to download!

We’ve been working on this for several months and lots of blood, sweat, and tears (mostly the intern’s!) went into making sure we delivered something extremely useful to our readers.

The best part?  It’s absolutely free! If you’re reading this post you don’t have to opt-in, pay us $17.95…none of that.

Our first 30 sites failed until we discovered the secrets you’ll learn in “Building A Niche Site Empire,” our step-by-step guide to creating valuable websites from scratch.

Our first release of the guide was actually last week during our first public webinar and we’ve had an overwhelmingly positive response.

In addition to getting an early copy of the guide, 5 attendees received a copy of LongTailPro from us as a thank-you!  We had a ton of questions, some of which we couldn’t get to, so we actually included them as a Q&A in episode 18 of the AdSense Flippers Podcast where most of the questions came from the webinar.

We hope you get a lot out of the guide and we’d love to hear your thoughts…let us know the things you like and the things you didn’t.

If you liked the guide, you’re gonna love the additional tips, tricks, and strategies we share with our email list!

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