Deal Financing

Deal Financing


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Deal Financing

One of the great opportunities present when working with the team at is that we have relationships with a multitude of banks, investors, family offices, private equity groups, hedge funds and others. These relationships are like gold for buyers, because it will allow them to leverage debt in order to acquire a business, rather than funding the entire acquisition from their own balance sheet.

In addition, we hand hold buyers through the lending process to help ensure that the lending side of the deal does not go astray. We do this by ensuring that we get buyers in front of our lending partners that have experience closing deals with us, and by working with the buyer on the investment package, loan application and other materials necessary to get lending approved for the sale.

Not focusing on deal financing is a big mistake – one made by many business brokers that attempt to compete with us. In fact, many tech and internet business brokers are so confounded by the very idea of financing, that they push the parties to attempt to put together a deal without it. Huge mistake. For a buyer, financing is important because they can use the leverage to allow the company to pay for itself over time. For a seller, financing is important because it will inevitably result in a higher multiple and much more cash at the closing table.

As a sell-side client of, you can be assured that not only will we represent your business from A to Z throughout the entire process, but we will also work with the buyer of your company to help them finance the transaction. This is a big reason why we are so successful and have such high close rates – we know just how important deal financing is to the deal making process.

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