How to prepare your site for sale

How to prepare your site for sale


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There are tons of websites for sale and you can find them with little effort. The difficult part for buyers is sifting through the poorly performing sites and finding a seller that knows how to sell a business. As a seller, hopefully you’re taking the right steps and you’re planning well in advance for a sale.

Maximizing Your Online Business for a Successful Sale

Today, Joe and I talk about how to prepare and maximize your chances of a successful sale by doing all the right things and avoiding the mistakes other sellers make. We list out what you should be doing 6 months in advance in preparation for the actual listing.

Even if you’re not thinking of selling your site for a while you should still listen to this episode. We cover subjects that are applicable to any website owner looking to properly manage a profitable site.

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Topics Discussed This Week Include:

  • pricing changes and why it’s actually worse for most sellers.
  • Cutting expenses and maximizing your profits.
  • Cleaning up your website’s biggest flaws.
  • Reviewing your traffic’s stability.
  • Choosing a broker or selling platform.
  • Steps to take before the actual listing of your site.



  • “Having an online presence makes your website listing stronger and improves your multiple.” – Justin – Tweet This!

What are some actions you take well in advance of an actual website sale? Leave us a SpeakPipe message or comment below to let us know.

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