How to sell my website

How to sell my website


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 Are you looking into selling your websites?


You’ve come to the right place! We sell websites day in, day out and we love it.

This article will outline some advantages of selling websites to us as well as the precise step-by-step procedure that will get you from listing to closing.

Although the process could give some website sellers some concern, it's not as challenging as you might think. We have sold hundreds of websites since we first started, so we can assist in making your first (second, third, etc.) sale as straightforward as possible. A great way to make money online is through internet businesses like blogs, e-commerce sites, and many more. However, they are also growing in value as a sought-after item for which buyers are prepared to shell out astonishing sums of money.

Here are a few of the benefits our sellers have mentioned:

  • 20X to 60X+ Monthly Profit Multiples – Our buyers come to us because they’re looking for quality listings and they’re willing to pay a premium for them.
  • 86% Of Marketplace Sites Sold – That’s significantly higher than our closest competitors.
  • Private Listings = Private Niches – Our buyers understand the value here…there won’t be dozens of copycats that come with publicly listed sites.

The reason is simple: Our customers today require excellent online businesses for sale. Since we thoroughly examine all of our merchants and the sites we list, not every website can be added. Actually, we only accept roughly one-third of the sites that are submitted.

We take this action to protect the buyers and merchants who still provide us with top-notch websites to purchase. In this page, you can read more about the kind of websites we look for and the criteria we use to rate them.

Click here to list your website for sale with us today Alright, so let’s get you started selling sites with us.

What Sites Are You Looking For?

We have a diverse group of buyers looking to add to their portfolio.

Types Of Websites & Online Businesses

Please feel free to click on the link to a brief "primer" article we wrote on each sort of online business model that we sell on our marketplace if you're unclear about any of the items listed below. Websites using the following revenue streams are of interest to us:

We Need:

We Don’t Need:

  • Non-monetized Sites or Blogs
  • SEO/Linkbuilding Service Sites
  • Social Media Like/Fan Sites
  • Adult Related Sites
  • Gambling Related Sites
  • Payday Loan Related Sites
  • Any sites promising cures through herbal remedies or other dubious claims
  • Any sites related to hacking or other criminal activities

We reserve the right to reject your business if it leans too closely with any of the above.

Website & Online Business Revenue

We Need:

  • $1,000 Minimum Per Month Businesses ($500 net profit per month is acceptable for Adsense /Amazon Associates / Affiliate sites)
  • Business must be at least 6 months old
  • $500 – $5,000 Per Month Businesses – Typically sold in 1-4 weeks
  • $5K – $20K Per Month Businesses – Typically sold in 2-8 weeks
  • $20k-$40k Per Month Businessses – Typically sold in 3-14 weeks
  • 50K+ Per Month Businesses – Typically sold in 2-6 months

We Don’t Need:

  • Sites Without Revenue
  • Sites with Less than $500 Per Month in Net Profit
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What’s The Process For Selling Websites With You?

The first step is to head over to our Sell Your Site page and submit your site with us.

You should be prepared with the information below: identifying information (Name, email, skype, social media profiles, etc.)

Information about the website or company, including the domain name, the date it was created or purchased, its history, the backlinking activities, etc.Information about the revenue during the past six months (gross monthly revenue, net monthly profit) recent purchases for a minimum of six months (COGS, Virtual Assistants, content, advertising, etc.)

Additionally, we'll require screenshots showing revenue evidence for at least three months. Take a screenshot of Google Analytics and Clicky to verify website traffic. Zendesk immediately starts a ticket after you submit the order form, and it can take our employees up to three days to react. Sometimes they need further information on the website or the vendor, like: any more or updated screenshots Google Analytics access Clarification of earnings or expenses a quick Skype chat or call. When all of our team's checks and verifications are complete, the information is sent to our team for final inspections before the listing is approved (2-4 days.) We list new established websites on our marketplace on Monday mornings PST. Average time from initial submission to listing takes approximately 2-3 weeks.

What Do I Do After My Site Is Listed?

Sit back and let us handle the laborious lifting!

Through our 50K+ email list, social media accounts, and blog postings, we'll advertise your listing to our audience and potential purchasers. Our objective is to locate a suitable buyer for your company—someone who wants to add your precise website to their portfolio.

If your company is eligible, we'll record an interview with you as the seller (audio only). These are very useful to our customers, and they enable us to identify more potential purchasers for your listing. Examples here.

We'll assist you with discussions, correspondence, and buyer confirmation. Although the final decision to sell is yours, it is our job to make the process as simple and enjoyable as we can.

In part to save you from having to answer the same inquiries from prospective consumers, we ask so many questions up front. Our buyers must present identification and proof of funds before making a bid on your business. We make a lot of effort to only find you serious buyers by conducting the necessary due diligence.

For us to post the updates for possible customers, you simply need to update your revenue data and screenshots once each month. Our team will let you know each month when your website is highlighted.

What If My Site Doesn’t Sell?

As we previously said, more than 95% of the sites that are displayed on our marketplace have sold.

In fact, we're so sure we can sell your company that we only need two months of exclusivity (barring special circumstances) from the date we list your website in order to close the deal. One of the shortest exclusivity times in the market is that. The 40K+ potential buyers who visit our site each month will continue to see your listing if, in the unlikely event that it sells after that.

What Happens After The Sale?

Once the buyer has made payment and the funds have cleared, we will begin the process of handing over the site to the new owner. This is a service we offer that is included in the sale, despite the fact that some of our sellers would prefer to handle this aspect themselves.

Migration is a part of the selling process that requires experience. Our migrations team has a variety of experience, whether you have a Shopify business, a WordPress website, or something altogether different.

Once the buyer has acknowledged the site transfer, which should happen within a few days after the site transfer is finished, we will send the funds to you. Most transactions will end in full payment of the asking price, but larger purchases frequently also involve an upfront lump sum.

Any extras mentioned in the ad, such as Skype calls, email help, or material, are your responsibility. Making sure the new business owner is successful will be essential to ensuring that the deal is completed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you guarantee my website or business will sell?

No. Although we’ve had a great track record to date, past performance is not an indicator of future performance and we cannot guarantee your particular business will sell.

Can I list my website or business concurrently elsewhere?

No. All business listings on Empire Flippers are exclusive. On very rare occasions we may help another broker get exposure for his or her listing, but this isn’t the case for 99% of businesses listed.

What are the fees?

  • Our commission fee after the successful sale:
    • 2% for any business above a $10 million list price
    • 5% for any business between a $5 million and $10 million list price
    • 8% for any businesses between a $2 million and $5 million list price
    • 12% for any business between a $1 million and $2 million list price
    • 15% for any business under a $1 million list price

Pricing is subject to change. Make sure you have it in writing (via email) from us.

How do you determine the listing price?

Our process for determining the sale price uses the following formula:

Sales Price = Monthly Net Profit X 20x to 60x+ (depending on Valuation Tool estimates) + Discounted Assets (if any) + Wholesale Inventory (if any)

Monthly net profit is determined by averaging the last 6-12 months worth of revenue and subtracting any costs (COGS, marketing/advertising, hosting, Virtual Assistants, etc.) In situations where the niche is seasonal or the business has been running for years, we’ll take an average of the last 12 months. (Clearly mentioned in each listing)

We’ve sold hundreds of sites in this range and have tested through this to arrive at this valuation method.

Use our Website Valuation Tool to get an estimate of your website’s value.

Want to learn how to increase your online business sales value? Here’s our free Seller’s Checklist on how you can raise the value of your website.

Where do I get started?

Click here to list your website for sale with us today

If you’re not quite ready to get your site listed, but want to hear more information from us about preparing your site for sale via email, please click here.

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