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Looking to buy an online business? has helped entrepreneurs complete hundreds of online business property transactions including a wide range of e-commerce opportunities, based on numerous business models like Amazon FBA, SaaS, Pay-per-Click and traditional e-commerce websites. We hope that you will take time to review our selection of websites for sale listings displayed below, or you can simply call us.

As a leading online business broker, can help save you time and align you with the right buying opportunities to match what you are looking for. If you have a website for sale, our experience as a leading website broker can help you to “exit on a high note” and assure you of a safe and successful sale of your website or any other established online business properties. Get in touch with today for additional information!


Buying a Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping is an attractive business model, and it’s easy to see why.

Products get sent from the manufacturer straight to the customer, cutting out the need for brick and mortar. This is exactly what online business was made for.

Not only does this make businesses more accessible, but it also means your dropshipping business could be run from anywhere in the world with a laptop and Internet connection.

Imagine being able to choose where and when you work. Be it from the comfort of your own home or poolside in an exotic location. Maybe it’s time to consider purchasing an online business.

Starting a dropshipping business from scratch takes time. You need to source the product and manufacturer, build the storefront, and market the products. Not only does this take time, but it also requires investment with no promise of return.

All the dropshipping businesses we have for sale are built and already earning a profit, allowing you to skip the early phases and concentrate on making money.

How to Buy a Dropshipping Business

The first thing you need to do is outline some prospects.

If you’re still unsure as to exactly what you’re looking for, then leave the filters open to see all the results. Then start playing with the filters to tailor the results to businesses that meet your buying criteria.

Sign up to the marketplace to get more of these filter features. This includes being able to save listings to your account. All of this will help you to find your desired business quicker.

New businesses get added every Monday, so keep checking back to see the new listings.

Once you’ve found a listing you’re interested in, you can unlock it to reveal the final details. From here you can also arrange to speak to one of our sales team members or the seller. This should help to answer any questions you may have about the business.

Now all that’s left to do is purchase the dropshipping business.

What to Look For

A good place to start is the asset section of a listing. This will tell you everything that’s included in the sale.

The number of products a dropshipping store has can vary greatly. Looking at the listing description will give you more information about how these orders are fulfilled, how the store is built, and any other details specific to the business.

Maybe you can spot something that needs to be streamlined. Speeding up the process of delivery or finding a better deal on shipping are all methods you can use to improve the business.

Some businesses even have a team of people that can do this for you. Whether you’re looking run things yourself or have a team run things for you, keep an eye on our dropshipping marketplace to find an online business for you

Buying a Display Advertising Business

Advertising is everywhere these days, and the internet is no exception.

A website is a great platform for advertisers to reach their target audience, and they’re willing to pay good money for this opportunity. If you want to attract potential advertisers, then you need a website that is driving traffic. This is easier said than done.

As with any business, building up a share of the market is often one of the most important factors in your ability to earn money with an online business. That’s why buying an advertising business is such an attractive prospect. It allows you to buy into a business that already has a significant share of the market.

This means that it’s driving traffic and getting eyes on ads. All of the businesses that appear on our marketplace are already generating revenue. Purchasing from Empire Flippers will provide you with a business that earns from day one.

How to Buy a Display Advertising Business

Display advertising tends to be a popular form of monetization, so you may need to narrow down your search results.

The listings can be easily arranged according to niche and listing price by using the filter functions. To get the best out of our marketplace, you should sign up for an account. This will allow you to filter the results in more detail to help match your buying criteria. It also allows you to save listings in a watchlist.

Remember, new listings get posted every Monday, so check back regularly to find new businesses.

Viewing individual listings will provide more detailed information about each business. The listing description is where you’ll find an overview of the business and how it’s run. This should give you enough information to decide whether the business matches your interests.

Once you’ve selected one or maybe even a few potential targets, you can unlock the listing to reveal the last few details.

Speak with one of our sales team members or arrange a call with the seller if you still have any questions. Then you can purchase your own display advertising business.

What to Look For

Display advertising can be provided by many different ad networks—not just Google Adsense.

Checking out the listing description will tell you which network is being used by each business. It’s also common to see advertising being mixed with additional monetizations. The listing description will break down the ways a given business makes money.

Perhaps including additional monetizations would help to boost the net profit. Looking for opportunities like this can help you to speed up your return on investment and create an even more valuable digital asset.

To find more areas that have been marked as potentially successful, take a look at the Opportunities section of the listing. If the opportunities match your skill set (or you can hire somebody who has a suitable skillset), then that offers another chance to improve net profit.

What kind of business do you want?

Some buyers will look for something they can fix up and sell for a profit, while others want something that they can run in a more hands-off fashion. Whatever you desire, there will be an advertising business for sale that suits your needs.

Buying an eCommerce Business

Online shopping was a game-changer not only for consumers but also for business owners.

The Internet has made it possible for almost anyone to become a store owner. No need to own brick and mortar, the storefront appears online and inventory is often handled by a third-party provider.

This is the appeal of owning an eCommerce store. The reach of your business surpasses any one location and opens up the possibility of working from anywhere in the world.

Starting from nothing means you have to source the products, build the store, and find somewhere to store and deliver the products, but. When you buy an eCommerce store you get to skip these steps. You buy into a business that has already been built and is generating sales.

Our eCommerce marketplace only displays businesses that meet our minimum earnings requirements and has six months of earning history, so you’ll be buying a business that earns you money from day one.

How to Buy an eCommerce Business

eCommerce is a popular monetization for online business which means the marketplace can get pretty busy with listings.

To help you navigate around the listings, we have filter functions that can help you to only display listings that meet your buying criteria. Signing up for an account will allow you to make full use of these filter features.

Arranging the results by feature, such as creation date, monthly net profit, and listing price makes outlining potential targets a lot easier. With a registered account, you can save any potential targets to your watchlist so you can keep track of the businesses you’re interested in.

Diving into the listings will give you a good overview of the business. This is where you can find out about how the store is built and how it’s run. Unlocking a listing will reveal more specific details about the business.

With everything revealed, you still might have one or two questions. Feel free to set up a call with one of our sales team members or arrange a call with the seller. They should be able to answer any questions and help you decide if it’s the business for you.

If everything looks good then you can go ahead and buy the eCommerce business.

What to Look For

Take a look at the listing description to get an overview of the business.

This will tell you about how the business is run and how inventory is managed. It will also give you information about how the storefront is built.

As with any store, there’s a chain of operations. Perhaps you can spot a way you can streamline the process. Creating a more efficient process will not only make things easier but could help to cut unnecessary costs.

Some buyers look for a business to fix up and sell on for a profit. Others want something they can run hands-off and collect the profit. If you’re looking for a hands-off type of business, we include a “work and skills” required section which tells you the work the current owner puts in.

Whatever you’re looking for, make sure to check back to our eCommerce marketplace regularly to find the business for you.

Buying an Amazon KDP Business

Getting published is a dream many writers have but few achieve. In stepped Amazon and now anyone can self-publish work on Amazon’s Kindle platform.

Publication can take the form of e-books or use Amazon’s print-on-demand service, which will print a book once it’s purchased and send it to the customer. Self-publication opened up the possibility of selling books worldwide and creating as many books as your imagination allows.

Even if you don’t fancy yourself as a writer, hiring a ghostwriter turned Amazon KDP into a profitable online business. You might be surprised by how much money a successful book can generate.

Creating books from scratch takes time and money. Plus, there’s a lot of competition on Amazon and there’s no guarantee that your book will sell any copies. Buying an Amazon KDP business will help you acquire a business that’s already successful.

How to Buy an Amazon KDP Business

Navigate the marketplace using filters to sort results by features, such as listing price, niche, and creation date.

To get the full range of marketplace features, sign up for an account. This will allow you to save listings to your watchlist and help you narrow down your search for an online business.

Once you’ve outlined some potential targets, it’s time to dive into the listings. Here you’ll find information about how the business is currently being run and potential opportunities.

At Empire Flippers, we aim to give you as much information as possible about each business. If a listing matches what you’re looking for, unlock it to view more specific information about the business.

From here you can set up a meeting with the buyer or contact our sales team to learn more about the buying process. They will be able to answer any questions you may have, even if you’re not quite ready to buy.

If everything looks good, then you can go ahead and buy an Amazon KDP business.

What to Look For

When looking at individual listings, the assets section is a good place to start.

Here you will see what’s included in the sale. It will give you details on how many books the business is selling and what type of books they are. An Amazon KDP business could include e-books, paperbacks, hardcovers, and audiobooks.

With an overview of the business provided, it’s time to get more detailed information from the listing description. This will tell you how the books were created and if there are any employees working for the company.

The “work and skills required” section will show you the work the current owner is putting in. Maybe you can spot something that can improve business operations. Streamlining operations helps you dedicate more time to improving net profit.

Increasing net profit not only allows you to speed up your return on investment, but it also raises the valuation of the business, giving you the option of selling for a profit.

Buying an Amazon FBM Business

An Amazon fulfilled by merchant (FBM) business model allows you to sell on Amazon but arrange the fulfillment method yourself.

This can give you more control over inventory storage and more choice when it comes to fulfillment. Greater choice lets you shop around to find the best suppliers. To the shrewd buyer, Amazon FBM represents an opportunity to lower the costs of running an Amazon business.

Couple this benefit with the ability to sell your products on the Amazon marketplace, and Amazon FBM becomes an exciting business model.

How to Buy an Amazon FBM Business

The filter options on our marketplace allow you to narrow your search based on a variety of qualities. Maybe you’re looking for an FBM business within a certain niche or price range.

Sorting the results according to such features is easy on our marketplace. To get the full range of features, make sure you register for an account.

Clicking on the individual listings will reveal more about each Amazon FBM business. We are as transparent as possible at Empire Flippers, so we share as much information about the listing as we can without revealing the business’s identity.

The “work and skills required” section of a listing shows you what work the current owner does for the business. We also include a “risks” section to make you aware of the potential issues associated with each Amazon FBM business.

Unlocking a listing should give you all the necessary details to analyze whether this is the right business for you. If you still have questions, you can arrange to speak to a member of our sales team or the seller.

If everything looks good, you can then purchase the Amazon FBM business.

What to Look For

The Amazon FBM business model is flexible, making it easy to combine it with other sources of monetization to increase your revenue.

We often see Amazon FBM and e-commerce working together, as owning the method of fulfillment makes it easier to control stock by consolidating it in a single location. This idea for expansion could help increase the revenue and valuation of a newly acquired asset.

The “opportunities” section of the listing is a good place to identify what improvements can be made. Buyers often look to diversify a business’s income. Opportunities for expansion include creating a website to leverage search engine optimization, building an email list, and running pay-per-click advertising.

Using these tactics to great effect, or employing someone who can, has the potential to speed up your return on investment. Income diversification also makes the asset more appealing to most buyers, meaning you could later sell it for a profit.

Keep all this in mind when browsing our Amazon FBM marketplace, and you might find an opportunity you can’t refuse.

Buying an Amazon FBA Business

Most people don’t even know that Amazon allows third-party sellers. However, almost everyone who has purchased from Amazon before will have bought from one. This is the power of Amazon FBA and what makes it such an appealing digital asset.

Couple this with the fact you can use Amazon’s resources to help deliver your products, and it’s possible to create the hands-off work that everyone desires. The products are sent from the manufacturer directly to Amazon’s warehouses, and once the orders come in, Amazon will fulfill them for you. This means you won’t need to handle any stock once things are up and running.

All of this sounds good, but getting an FBA business up and running can take a lot of work. Researching and sourcing the product, finding a shipping provider, and creating the listings are no small tasks.

While Amazon FBA can be a very lucrative business model, when creating one from scratch, there can be no guarantees that it will make any money. This can leave you with a startup investment and no return.

This is the reason many entrepreneurs and investors are choosing to buy an Amazon FBA business. Buying into a business from the Empire Flippers marketplace means you’re purchasing something that is already generating revenue and has a share of the market.

How to Buy an Amazon FBA Business

The listing prices of Amazon FBA businesses vary greatly, so searching based on your budget is the first step.

Filtering the search results becomes easy when you sign-up to the marketplace. It provides you with the ability to see results based on the search criteria you choose. If you’re just browsing, then leaving these settings open will allow you to see the wide variety of Amazon FBA businesses we have for sale.

Clicking on the listings will give you more information about each business. From there, you can decide how you want to proceed. Unlocking the listing gives you a more detailed look at the business. If everything looks good, then you can speak to one of our sales team members or click buy now to initiate the buying process.

Buying an Amazon Associates Business

Amazon Associates has become one of the most popular affiliate programs available. Retailers don’t come much bigger than Amazon so the opportunity to leverage their brand for your own business is an attractive prospect.

The objective is simple, every time someone clicks the Amazon link from your website and purchases a product on Amazon, you earn a commission.

If you’re starting a website from scratch, it can take time for you to start seeing results, with the possibility of never seeing any results. This is why buying an Amazon Associates website gives you a big head start. All of the businesses that appear on our marketplace are already driving traffic and generating profit.

How to Buy an Amazon Associates Business

Registering for the marketplace will allow you to use its full features and filter the listings to match your search criteria.

Filtering by listing price will help to tailor the results to fit your budget. If you’re after a business in a particular niche then it’s easy to organize the results by niche. There are many more variables you can sort by to make your buying experience smoother.

One of the main objectives at Empire Flippers is to ensure transparency with our customers. We understand that this is particularly important when it comes to buying a business. That’s why we try to give you as much information as possible about each listing.

This includes:

  • Monthly revenue and profit
  • Traffic stats
  • Assets included in the sale
  • The support you’ll receive after purchasing

You can buy an Amazon Associates business knowing that all of this information is vetted by our specialized vetting team. We don’t just take the sellers word, we access accounts and analytics to back up these claims. This should give you that extra peace of mind when it comes to doing your own due diligence.

If you would like to hear the seller talk about their business then see if there’s a seller interview. This can be a great resource to find out that extra little bit of information to help decide if the business is a fit for you.

Once you’ve found a business that ticks all the boxes, you can contact the seller to ask any final questions you may have. From this, you can go ahead and buy an Amazon Associates business.

What to Look For

Amazon Associates websites represent a great opportunity for buyers. We often see websites with a collection of monetization, including Amazon Associates, display advertising, and other affiliate programs.

Maybe you can spot an area of growth that will allow the business to increase its revenue. Growing a site can help to speed up your return on investment and increase the valuation meaning you could flip it for a profit.

Perhaps flipping sites aren’t your thing; instead, you want an asset you can keep hold of that requires minimal work to maintain. This is also possible on our Amazon Associates marketplace, thanks to the detailed information on our listing page.

It’s easy to find out when the site was created, its earning history, and the work that’s currently being put into the business. Whatever you’re after, there will be a business to suit your needs




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