What Metrics to watch on your website

What Metrics to watch on your website


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What Metrics to watch on your website?

Unique Visitor: 

This is the number of people that visited your site during a specific time period.

Exit Page: 

These are specific page from which visitors (Who viewed multiple pages during their visits leave your website.

Repeat Customer: 

If the number of visitor returning to your site is growing, it is good sign that your customers are finding a valuable content.

Referral Traffic:

All users that come from external links (Other blogs, websites, social media sites, online directories, etc.

Conversion Rate: 

Rate that confirms the number of people who fulfilled the goal you've setup.

How to choose the perfect, brand-able blog name?

Step 1 (First Step): Find your two words a niche relevant word+a miscellaneous word.

Step 2: Put together combinations you like some helpful tools to help you come up with cool brand able blog names.

Example:  .com .net .org

Step 3: Check for .com

Step 4: Check google

Step 5: Check google to see if there already a company out there with that name.

Step 6: Check if it was ever registered before.

Step 7 (Final Step): Check Domain Registration.

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