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10 Things that Separate Us from the Rest

In order to become the largest curated marketplace and the leading online business broker, we have made a LOT of decisions. We are where we are now thanks to thousands of tiny decisions, interactions with hundreds of businesses, and transactions with thousands of clients. Many of these divisions gave us traits that have grown to be so essential to who we are that we have all but forgotten there are other ways to be. In order to explain why we do what we do and how it benefits you, we decided to establish this page as a sort of "Us vs. Them" manifesto.

1. Transparency vs Fake Numbers

One of the best ways to find out exactly how we do business, where we’ve come from, and where we are trying to go is by checking out our quarterly reports or our annual industry report. Early on, our founders chose to join the trend after being inspired by visionaries like Pat Flynn. Although there are a few drawbacks to being open and honest with you about company facts (our competitors look at our reports, too! ), we are confident that the positives outweigh any drawbacks.

We were surprised to see several of our competitors enter the market in recent years with a similar level of transparency—until we found out they were fabricating their numbers! We watched as they recited implausible statistics and created fake listings. The most concerning part, though we did find it mildly humorous, was that some people who had no other options actually accepted this misleading information. For these and other reasons, we don't expect you to take anything we say at face value. We are happy to provide client testimonials that include their own words along with screenshots of our analytics and authentic statistics. These are real people who wish to share their experiences with

2. Hidden URLs vs Open Invitations

When you want to buy a site, of course you’ll want to see the URL so that you can know what you’re buying. This is reasonable. The problem is that copycats, not just buyers, are also looking at the URL. We decided to counteract this problem by hiding the URL and making it only visible to verified buyers willing to ‘prove’ their identity and liquidity.

Do some people hate the verification process that must be completed before they can view the real domain or Amazon account and unlock a listing? A few people do, indeed. Nevertheless, relatively few. Why? Because buyers and sellers are happy that we want to keep the confidential information about their company hidden from prying eyes when they understand why we do it. A buyer would not want to buy the company if they were aware that the seller has just divulged all of the financial data and analytics to any and all competitors. Authentication and hidden URLs open a "gate." The system, while not perfect, keeps scammers and tire kickers out so you won't have to deal with the riff-raff. recognizing that the business you're dealing with

3. Qualifying Businesses vs Relying on Sellers’ Numbers

Before purchasing a company, ANY buyer would want to be aware of the information listed above the URL. Usually, the two most important numbers are income and traffic. An income report's income data is further broken down into expenses and earnings in a profit and loss (P&L) report. We deduced that many sellers had never been required to provide a proper P&L report. Our vetting staff manages every stage of the process on your behalf as a result.

We do recommend hiring a bookkeeper to gather everything together for you first, but once you’ve submitted your business for sale, we will assist you in building out an attractive and accurate P&L cover sheet to help you sell your business. Our vetting team is responsible for cross-referencing these figures with bills and statistics. Before the companies ever launch on our Marketplace, our experts find any inconsistencies.

*We still advise buyers to perform their due diligence. We think of what we do as covering the essentials, but a buyer can conduct a lot more research before making a purchase.

4. Marketplace/Broker Combo vs Marketplace Only

We could JUST have a marketplace. It would be easier for us. We'd definitely continue to investigate companies, offering our clients the same advantage while edging out the competition. After finding a company you enjoy, you'd suddenly find yourself on your own. But to be honest, the idea of just having a market never occurred to us.

The process of buying a business is more difficult than buying a car on Craigslist: Both buyers and sellers want information and guidance. As a result, we have a team that is dedicated to carrying out each step of the process. When our customers need someone to chat to discuss the experience with, to help them get ready for buyer-seller conference calls, or to step in and craft suitable offers and counteroffers, we are here for them. We don't believe that any of this should be left to your discretion. The truth is that we must put in our best effort while working closely with you throughout the process, rather than just doing what comes naturally to us.

5. Offering a Range vs High End Only

One of our key goals at is to make it as simple as possible for people to take advantage of what internet businesses have to offer. Our buyers and sellers spend time with their families at home as well as touring the world to pursue their passions. Everyone has a unique take on things from a business standpoint. One person could only need a $40k business to live this way, while another person might need a 7-figure contract.

Due in large part to this, we provide businesses in every price range, from $10k affiliate sites to multi-million dollar e-commerce operations, spanning shore to shore around the globe. We take pride in owning businesses that are unassuming enough to give newcomers a chance. We are really proud to have sold businesses for MILLIONS of dollars. Working with this spectrum requires a variety of skill sets and keeps us always alert, which we truly value.

Another thing to consider is that we don't engage in "insider" trades. Cash is king in our free market, and we don't withhold any transactions from VIP clients looking for special off-market rates. Even though we are aware that the insider market could be lucrative, we feel that doing so would betray the confidence of our clientele. Furthermore, it is a big presumption to think that our top prospects are just individuals with whom we have already done business. As this sector attracts more followers, we engage with new people every day. We strive to sincerely welcome each client while protecting their prospects.

6. Seller Interviews vs Fake Listings

We were shocked when we first realized that some of our customers had to cope with false listings made by other brokers. Since then, we've learned that there are lots of dishonest brokers in this sector. We've heard a number of stories of scams in which the seller lures you, the buyer, with a really alluring business. Then, all of a sudden, it turns out that it has already been "sold," but of course, they have ANOTHER business to show you. That miracle listing wasn't true in the first place, in truth.

We felt bad for the con artists who took advantage of our clients. Such business practices are unethical and unsustainable. We believe that our customers are reasonable, ethical people who want to be treated equally, and we want EVERYONE to succeed. that involves the consumer, the provider, and myself (for what we contribute). Therefore, rather of attempting to deceive you with a phony listing, we encourage you to thoroughly research each company utilizing what we refer to as a "Seller Interview."

Given the effort that goes into creating them, our Seller Interviews would be very difficult to invent. We sit down with a seller during the interviews to learn more about their company. These interviews originally appeared as YouTube videos where we provided links to the sales data our vetting team examined. Out of sheer popularity and based on repeated requests, we recently decided to launch these interviews in podcast format, which you can check out here. While our competitors are trying to swindle with fake listings, we’re letting you explore deeper, at no extra cost to you. To highlight this difference between us and the rest, we named the podcast Real Money, Real Business.

7. True Valuation vs Overvaluing to Entice

Valuations are difficult. Your business will stay on the market much longer than you'd like if you overvalue it. You'll wonder if you could have gotten more if the pricing is too low and the item sells right away. What a challenging circumstance! Sadly, another complaint we've received from customers is that they were conned by companies who said their website was worth double or triple what our assessment tool estimated it was worth. Nothing happens when the seller chooses to work with the broker after identifying possible profits.

Here at, we depend on data, not feelings. Since we’ve sold 1000+ businesses, we have historical data we can review to see exactly where the “money spot” is. Our trusty valuation tool looks at several metrics that help decide which multiple is the right fit for your business. When we evaluate a business, it’s not just about making the seller happy, it’s about looking at what the numbers say so that we have the right arrangement to sell it. We’re not as interested in making you see dollar signs as we are in putting actual money in YOUR pocket.

8. Secure Transfer vs Leaving You On Your Own

Whether you are a buyer or a vendor, allow me to put this question to you: What stage of the process is the scariest? The Transfer is the same item that everyone usually refers to. How can you receive the cash without having to run the danger of being taken advantage of? It's wise to feel frightened. This contemporary business issue hasn't been addressed by the legal system. Escrow businesses are ignorant of how anything functions. In addition, there are many exchanges that take place across borders with a variety of rules.

Most of our rivals, including ones with teams, have NO ONE to handle your migration. Imagine being forced to handle more than 3,000 affiliate link changes, solve hosting issues, bargain with Amazon to transfer FBA product listings, or handle any other issues that arise—BY YOURSELF. Our rivals just take the money, pay it to the seller, and let the buyer and seller to handle all of these time-consuming, frequently challenging technical chores on their own. And what about that? It's not their problem if the issues aren't fixed; it's simply too bad. As far as the broker is concerned, the sale of the company has been completed.

This is not the way we operate, and it totally goes against our win-win-win philosophy. That’s why we decided, from the beginning, to handle migration in house. We have several systems in place to make the exchange as smooth as possible. First off, we have an entire team dedicated to the migration of your site: our Migration Team. Our staff walks you through the procedure of changing logins, emails, and more while we keep the money. We release the funds to the seller after a two-week window during which the buyer may confirm that everything is functioning as it should. And this is merely the skeleton of one of our most basic procedures. For a variety of uncommon transfers that might occur, we offer various protocols. We believe you shouldn't have to figure this out on your own, and we certainly wouldn't want to.

9. Team Effort vs One Man Band

We have considered both sides of the argument, so we must acknowledge that this one is difficult for us. As a customer, it is nice to find a "guy" (or "gal") at a business you can deal with throughout the entire process. There is one person with whom you consistently collaborate and are acquainted. We also appreciate that sensation. Because of this, it was awkward when we decided to change our direction, but we had good justifications. In truth, each buyer or seller we deal with is unique. Furthermore, even if your "guy" has the solutions, there are times when you'll need them from the opposing side (i.e., the woman).

You will start to feel like you are outside the room where everything is happening if we try to make you limit all conversation to a specific agent, we have found. We encourage communication between our clients and any team members that are informed about this issue in order to address it. Sincerity demands that we admit that there is a disadvantage to this: You get to interact with a wide range of people. The good news is that we are certain you are getting the greatest service possible from us and are not being put in any kind of bounds. We consider it to be worthwhile. We hope you concur.

You can close your deal more quickly, easily, and profitably using our process-driven methodology. There's a reason we consistently won the INC. 5000 Award for America's Fastest-Growing Companies and the International Business Brokerage Association's Top Global Producer and Top Deal Maker awards. Although a one-man white-glove service may seem enticing, in the end, the advantages are not greater than the disadvantages. We consequently used our own approach to teamwork in order to best serve you.

10. Lower Fees for Big Businesses vs One Fee Fits All

We used to be one size fits all, with a 15% commission no matter the size of the business. Yet, as our marketplace grew, we saw that this was putting a hefty burden on our larger businesses, so we updated the commission structure:

  • 2% for any business above a $10 million list price
  • 5% for any business between a $5 million and $10 million list price
  • 8% for any businesses between a $2 million and $5 million list price
  • 12% for any business between a $1 million and $2 million list price
  • 15% for any business under a $1 million list price

We’ve sold over $100 million worth of businesses by growing with our customers along the way. Although not all of our customer base will be impacted by this move, it is nonetheless important to note. This is crucial in light of the fact that has emerged as a lucrative exit strategy for numerous business owners. Perhaps you are putting in a lot of effort right now even if you are not ready to sell but have your sights set on a future sale. We are securely established in this developing internet market, so even when companies grow to be much larger, we are prepared to assist you in getting the handsome sum your company merits.

In Conclusion, We Offer Real Answers vs False Promises

Through the years, we didn’t just become the best: we became experts. We have the largest, most dedicated team in the industry, with entire departments devoted to each part of the sales process. This is something no one else has the manpower to offer. We know that getting started can be daunting, but you are not alone; we have your back.

Ready to make a move? Let’s get started. Schedule a call with us here if you have any questions or if you want one of our business analysts to help you discover your specific criteria when it comes to buying an online business. Or, if you want to make the move to get your profitable exit, click here to sell your online business. We’re going to make sure you get the best advice, service, and deal possible for your unique situation. And look, if you still need to check us out a bit more, we get it. Selling or buying a business is a big step. When you’re ready, we’ll be here to help you get to the next level.

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