Turnkey dropship website for sale

Turnkey dropship website for sale


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What is a Turnkey Dropship Website?

Turnkey dropship websites are pre-built to help business people get started quickly, with an online store pre-loaded with products ready to sell.

Turnkey dropshipping sites are built for you to enjoy hands free income-generating abilities, all you need to do is promote the website.

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You don’t need to have long days or sleepless nights thinking about how to create a turnkey dropship website. Everything is done for you. All the technical stuff is done for you to own a turnkey website.

If you need to make some minor adjustments on your turnkey dropshipping site, most a very straight forward. Top sellers also offer customer support and Facebook groups for help.

A Turnkey dropshipping website is perfectly customized; you can easily make slight adjustments to fit what you want.

How do I Purchase a Turnkey Dropship Website?

Purchasing a dropshipping site is pretty simple. There are numerous online stores and sites that provide dropshipping sites for sale, like AliDropship, Empire Flippers, Shopify Exchange, or DropshipRocket.

You either buy a pre-built site that is new and ready to go or buy an established dropshipping website that is already earning, which will cost you considerably more!

Buying a Turnkey Dropship Website from AliDropship

You can simply buy a dropshipping site from AliDropship. They are a couple of benefits if you decide to buy a website from AliDropship. Check them below.

AliDropship website helps you enjoy the following:

• Ready Custom Stores
• AliDropship Plugin
• AliDropship Woo Plugin
• Hosting
• Add-ons
• Services
• Themes
• AliDropship Chrome Extension

AliDropship Turnekey Dropshipping Websites

$299 Package: With this package you are given all the tools required for easy and fast start to your dropshipping business. Also this category has Add hosting and your site is highly protected with SSL layer.

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$499 Package: This package contains marketing tools and additional features for your business robust growth. It has Add hosting and SSL included.
$899 Package: This package is highly advanced which 100% perfect a hassle-free start. It makes you earn huge profits as soon you start doing your business. It’s super awesome! It has Add hosting and SSL layer.

Dropship Rocket Turnkey Websites

You can straightforwardly purchase a dropshipping website from Dropship Rocket. The benefits of getting a dropshipping site from this company are numerous.

Dropship Rocket is always ready to help you earn a 6 figure income in a miraculous manner. This company has digital service businesses which help your products or services go viral. For example, you can purchase an application launch business, or social media marketing business for your needs.
Digital services businesses are highly relevant and significant in the 21st century. They never become obsolete or go out of style.

Packages Offered by Dropship Rocket

• $295 Package: With this, you will have one store, on-demand marketing advertisements, free hosting, and Aliexpress.
• $475 Package: This offers two stores, on-demand marketing posts, Aliexpress, keyword research, free hosting, and two domains.
• $695 Package: With this one, you will get 3 drop shipping websites with other services mentioned above.

It is worth to note that Dropship Rocket has a $399 package. It all depends on the cash that you can afford.

In our opinion Alidropship turnkey dropship websites are better value.

Dropshipping Website from Primeshops.co

Empire flippers help people to sell and buy online business. The company has assisted a bunch of individuals to sell and buy over eighty million US dollars.  Note these are established websites, earning good revenues which is relected in the prices. Expect to pay x25 - x35 multiples of monthly profit the dropshipping business website if doing.

Facts about Empire Flippers
• Sells thousands of sites to different customers all over the world
• It has been rated with a 95 percent success rate
• Websites or businesses must have a six-month track record of at least five hundred US dollars profit per month
• Sites or business must be using Google Analytics for the past six months
• Site artificial manipulation in inflating traffic is highly unacceptable
• The use of Private Blog Network is noted

If you want to find established dropshipping websites, go to their marketplace and filter by eCommerce or search for ‘dropship’.

Shopify Exchange

Shopify exchange is a website app that helps you to come up with an online store. It gives you numerous templates that can be customized to fulfill your branding requirements.

According to Shopify, it focuses on doing the following:
• It has been designed to support 800,000 stores
• Shopify has over 1,000,000 users
• The platform has generated 100 billion sales

The Pricing of Shopify
• Shopify Lite-Nine dollars per month
• Basic Shopify-Twenty nine dollars per month
• Shopify-Seventy nine dollars per month
• Advanced Shopify- Two hundred and ninety-nine per month
• Shopify Plus-The charges are negotiable, but more specifically two thousand dollars per month


Reasons Why You Should Purchase a Turnkey Dropship Website?

1. A turnkey dropship website helps you to create a new source of income: Whether you are self-employed, employed, or have a part-time job owning a turnkey site brings you additional income. The type of income that you get from this website can be automated. For example, like AliDropship store will automate your orders by your command.

2. When you have a turnkey dropshipping site you don’t need to have an inventory, ship, or store: An enormous advantage is that having a dropshipping eCommerce business doesn’t require you to ship, store, or buy any of the goods that you sell. When a client makes an order on your store, the shipping and payment information is done by your supplier.

The supplier later ships the stuff directly to your client. You can start on any niche you want to own a turnkey dropshipping website.

3. Turnkey dropshipping sites can have huge earning potential with little start-ups: A dropshipping site is the affordable kind of business that you can start. With around 300$, you have your preloaded website store. Dropshipping business helps you to operate your business anywhere in the world. You can boost your dropshipping business by giving your customers different promotions.

4. A turnkey dropshipping website doesn’t require any technical knowledge: You don’t need to be an expert in programming languages or a pro in SSL. When you purchase a dropshipping website from reputable dealers, every technical part is done for you. You just need to promote the site.

Wrapping Up

The article has unveiled the essence of purchasing a turnkey dropshipping site. Its highly affordable, economical, gives you an additional source of income, and the site connects you with the global world in a special way. We recommend you to buy a turnkey dropshipping website which automatically boosts your standard of living.

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