Clickbank affiliate commissions website for sale

Clickbank affiliate commissions website for sale


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Clickbank affiliate commissions website for sale

Asking Sell Price: $ 12600

Website Value Calculation: 630 (Income)  20 

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Owner Opinion:

Hello, I don't know where to turn to after trying hard for months to sell  my website. It's a new website and has very low revenue generating but have earned a little over$600 through affiliate commissions. It has a lot of potentials and opportunities. It's base on Finance niche. I don't currently have any money to spend to sell my website. I was wondering if you would buy it directly from me and sell it yourself for higher prices. Will wait for your reply.

Thank you.




The only time I spent money was when I bought the hosting and domain and after that I haven't spent any money. 

Website Details:

✨✨🎉 Website For Sale!! 🎉✨✨

- Niche - A very Profitable Niche with less expenditure and less competition. ( Finance/Make Money Online )
-Articles- 19 published articles( info/commercials/affiliates )
- Website age - ( 4 months+ ) 
- Google Adsense Approved ( earned $0.8 ) &,
- Propeller Ads Approved ( earned $0.86 )
- Earned- $631 ( affiliate commissions )
- 1 year free domain and hosting
- 7 free stock articles with the website after buying.
- Pinterest account with the website. (Free)
- Google Adsense account for free with the website.

*Check the snapshots for stats and income proof.

*Interested buyers PM for further discussion.

*About Website:
The website name is and it's a content/blog website. It aims to help people to acquire knowledge to start their own online business, investment, and financial confidence.

The website is 4 months old but it already has Google Adsense approval, organic traffics and generates revenues.
Through this website I have mostly earned from affiliate programs such as Clickbank and other affiliate programs such as web hosting service affiliates and email marketing affiliate programs.

My last 4 months total income was $631 mostly from affiliate programs that I have joined. People buys courses and guides really quick so you should keep that in mind. The right and experienced owner can surely scale it into 5 or 6 figure business.

*Reason for selling: I'm starting university very soon and I started this website as a hobby. I want to sell this website due to some personal financial reasons.

*Opportunities: less competitive, can sell personal services or digital products easily, can sell ebooks etc. Very less expenditure for this website and can create multiple streams of income. Excellent Growth opportunity and high earning potentials than the current stats.

*I have tried selling on Flippa and Motion Invest but it takes around 90 days to sell there and since I'm in urgent need of money for my university fees, I decided to sell here on Facebook groups instead. I have already evaluated the worth of the website from Flippa and Motion Invest which came around $18,720 and you can check it at the end of the snapshots. My asking price would be is lesser than the evaluated price.

Additional: 👇

The website is new but I know that with the right and experienced owner it can grow and scale into becoming a very succesful and profitable business without much efforts. It is being index by Google and is already bringing in some organic traffics. I build this website from scratch on Wordpress platform so it'll be easy to customise the website base on your needs and requirement. The website currently has 19 unique content rich articles with each articles crossing 4000+ words per article

The Finance, Investment, Make Money Online, Retirement etc brings more than 12+ million searches in USA alone. It has a lot of potentials and opportunities that's been left unused and unfiltered by the right and experienced owner who knows and have ideas about how to run a Finance niche base website. The website is new, so the traffics are minimal now.

*scalable into 5 or 6 figure business
*easy and existense traffics
*comes under top 5 worldwide trend
*topic is too wide so mastering sub-topic under finance can become a huge assets over other competitors

*millions and millions of people search on this topics everyday from every corner of the world.
*can sell your own personal digital products or subscriptions
*affiliate programs
*can sell service

I'll say this boldly that you don't have to invest much of your time with this website. You only need to post 2 or 3 unique content articles per week or 5 or 6 articles per months and join affiliate programs that suits and matches your content to generate you your passive income stream. 

The people who comes to this website are mainly people looking to grow their income or learn some skills or knowledge that'll help them. 

The website has been left untouched for the last 2 months so it's currently not generating any revenue. But if the efforts are into this website it can generate money quickly. I have earned commissions from affiliate programs myself even though the website is new. 

I started this website as a hobby and wanted to try new things to see how much I am able to do. I am selling this website because I'll be starting my college soon and I have to pay my college fees by next month. I'm sure that with the right and experienced owner who has knowledge in this niche can surely grow and scale into 5 or 6 figure business in no time. I estimated the fair price based on the research, time, efforts, structuring, writing content. So you are already months ahead.
Payment can be done through both PayPal and Escrow.

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