Investor and Business partner wanted

Investor and Business partner wanted


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We take decision to open the branch to the following location. We will give the permission as our business partner after verify all of your document.

Branch Location:

UK Location: Business URL:

USA Location: Business URL:

Australia Location: Business URL:

Canada Location: Business URL:

France Location: Business URL:

Italy Location: Business URL:

Germany Location: Business URL:

Russia Location: Business URL:

Spain Location: Business URL:

Business Partnership Eligibility Criteria / Requirement:

Government registered company.

TAX/VAT Certificate,

Government Passport / NI Card.

Business License maybe require depend on situation

Past business success record.

Minimum Employee: 10+

Minimum Fund Requirement:

For Start the Business and work with us as our business partner you must have minimum $100K+

Bank / Online fund statement requirement. You will use that fund for your own business. Valid Fund.

We will only verify your eligibility.

Business license: You have to take business license for your country for start the business for UK Location: UK Government and USA location: USA Government

Fund Deposit: No deposit require to us.

Agreement form: We will provide you agreement form.

Business partnership ratio: 

Our Percentage: 30%

Your Percentage: 70%

Business Permit: After checking all related document we will provide you permit to start your partnership business as early as possible according rule and regulation.

Contact us: You have to submit all above document for getting permit. Our business contact mail for submission the document

Business Partnership Quota: Eligibility basis.

Note: We may update the details time by time.

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