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How Does Merch by Amazon Work: Step By Step Guide

Without any upfront costs or investments on your part, Merch by Amazon will sell your designed goods to millions of shoppers.

The procedure for Amazon Print on Demand:

You design the shirt in accordance with Amazon's requirements.

Decide on a price.

Amazon is the one that creates the product listing.

You complete a sale.

Amazon delivers it to the consumer

You get compensated with a royalty.

Let's go into the specifics so I can demonstrate to you how to build a profitable Merch by Amazon business.

Starting A Merch By Amazon Business

§  What is Merch by Amazon?

§  How to Apply For Merch By Amazon

§  How to Complete the Request Invitation Form

§  How to Get Accepted Into Merch by Amazon

§  Merch by Amazon Tier Levels

§  How To Research Niches

§  Creating Designs/Outsourcing

§  Keyword Optimizing Your Merch By Amazon Listings

§  Expanding Your Reach

What is Amazon's Merch?

Anyone can use this print on demand (POD) platform to sell merchandise on Amazon by only uploading a design. From merely t-shirts, the program has grown to include a complete line of apparel, including regular and premium tees, long sleeve shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies. At the end of 2015, the Merch by Amazon program was introduced. This service was first created to assist app developers in making money off of their apps. The program's overall operation is straightforward. You can upload your artwork to the platform once you have an account. The next step is choosing the product you want to sell. Choose the colors that go best with that product after you have uploaded your design to it. Set a price for it. Your product is thereafter live and searchable on the Amazon platform. Every time a product is bought on Amazon, you receive a royalty. Previously, anyone could purchase Merch by Amazon. They had to change the system to invite-only, where you had to apply for an account, as the program grew more and more popular. However, it only takes a few days to a week or so for applications to be granted. Remember that when the initiative expands, Amazon will need to construct additional facilities to house all the printers that will be used to print our designs continuously.

How To Apply For Merch by Amazon

Signing up for Merch by Amazon is a very easy process. — it should take you no more than 10 minutes to go through the application process.

Step 1: Gather the following information to sign up:

·         Business contact information

·         Bank account and routing numbers

·         Social security number or other tax identification number

Step 2: Request an Invitation.  Head over to  you will see an orange request invitation button:
How To Apply For Merch by Amazon

Signing up for Merch by Amazon is a very easy process. — it should take you no more than 10 minutes to go through the application process.

Step 1: Gather the following information to sign up:

·         Business contact information

·         Bank account and routing numbers

·         Social security number or other tax identification number

Step 2: Request an Invitation.  Head over to  you will see an orange request invitation button:

Step 3: Sign in to your Amazon account. It can be your buyers account, your sellers account, or a brand new account that you created specifically for Merch by Amazon.

Step 4: Begin the application. It will ask you to fill out your company profile, banking information, and then take a quick tax survey.

Step 5: Take the tax questionnaire. If you’re not from the USA, Merch by Amazon may withhold up to 30% of profits for tax withholding.

Step 6: complete the request invitation form.

If you don’t have a company set up for Merch by Amazon (you probably don’t), then just use your first and last name. Make sure that all the details you put in here are your REAL contact information so that Merch knows you are filling these forms out honestly and will accept you to the program.

Finish up these few pages and then take the tax questionnaire.

amazon tip tax withholding

Now that you have all your contact and tax information out of the way, you simply need to complete the request invitation form.

How to Complete the Merch by Amazon Request Invitation Form



There are 3 sections you need to fill out for a completed invitation form. Depending on your business and past experience you might need to fill out the form differently.

1.     Industry Type: You can choose from a few alternatives in the drop-down menu. I would advise choosing a novelty T-Shirt company if you submitted the application under your real name. In the drop-down menu, select small business if you provided a company name.

2.     Organization Name: You should provide your legal name or your given name here. Enter your personal name exactly as it appeared on the first page of the application. Otherwise, provide the name of your company in this area.

3.     Additional Information: Include all the pertinent details that make you stand out from the other applicants, such as former websites and print-on-demand designs you've created. You should put all the information we mention below in the section titled "Additional Information."

How to Get Accepted Into Merch by Amazon

In order for Amazon to accept your invitation, you should provide them with as much information as you can. Not being a graphic designer is not necessary. To let them know that you're a serious salesperson, just be as open and honest as you can.

Here's how to ensure that your application is accepted:

Link to other designs you have posted on various websites if you have experience with print on demand.

Link to your individual webpage. People who sell on other platforms or have an audience are highly valued by Amazon.

How will you market to and sell to Amazon's customers and audience?

Produce 5–10 unique designs to display on your application.

Mention any trademarks you may have.

Licenses you may have for works of art

Just keep in mind that none of this is necessary to be admitted into the program; it merely offers you an advantage. You can outsource the additional designs or do them yourself; see below for further information.

Merch by Amazon Dashboard Walk Through

It’s important that you get familiar with everything here, where to look for certain things, and how everything works together.

The first thing you will see when you login is a page that looks like this:

What are the Merch by Amazon Tier Levels

10 design slots will be accessible to you when you initially log into your account. You become tiered up if you have earned 10 sales and filled up the majority of your slots. By moving up the tiers, you can post more designs each day and have a larger selection of designs available for purchase on Amazon.

These are the Merch by Amazon Tier levels:

§  Tier 1 = 10 Designs

§  Tier 2 = 25 Designs

§  Tier 3 = 100 Designs

§  Tier 4 = 500 Designs

§  Tier 5 = 1,000 Designs

§  Tier 6 = 2,000 Designs

§  Tier 7 = 4,000 Designs

§  Tier 8 = 8,000 Designs

This means that you can put up 10 designs total on the system before you will not be able to upload any more.

Creating Your First T-Shirt Design

When you have some designs you wish to upload, you should head to the create page. We shall go into depth about the rather simple method below.

You may select the sort of product you want to upload using a drop-down menu, and you can view a mockup of each product before publishing to see how your design will appear there. To develop designs, you can use programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, or GIMP.

These are the design requirements for Merch by Amazon:

§  15″W x 18″H with transparent background

§  300 ppi (i.e. 4500 x 5400 pixels)

§  Export artboard as an sRGB

§  File must be less than 25MB

They also make it easier for you to create designs by providing their own pre-made templates for you to use.

§  Adobe Illustrator(1.2MB)

§  Adobe Photoshop(4.9 MB)

§  GIMP(1.4 MB)

Managing Your Merch by Amazon Inventory

You can keep track of all the t-shirts you have listed on Amazon under the manage tab. This will show you which of them are "Live" and what your submitted design is.

It will provide you with details such as the date on which you uploaded the design, the product's pricing, its status, and any actions you may wish to take, including updating or deleting a product.

Each item of clothing will have a visible status. There are several other statuses that could show up.

Once your first t-shirt has been uploaded, you'll notice that it looks to be in the "Under Review" phase. As the system operates, this is entirely typical.

Then it will move to "Started Processing" and then "Processing" from there. This indicates that your t-shirt has successfully undergone review and is currently being made available for purchase on the Amazon marketplace. When it becomes live, the status will change to "Live," and you can then click the link to access the shirt listing that buyers may view and buy.

merch by amazon 90 days

Analyzing Your Sales Stats

You'll find yourself frequently browsing to the "Analyze" tab from the Dashboard once you've had a few products listed on Amazon that are starting to sell well.

You can see what things sold, when, and for what price. You can also check the type of royalties you are receiving. You may have noticed that the word "Earnings" is listed as a tab at the top of this page.

When your profits are finalized, you should click here to see how much you will be paid! To see what you have sold, I advise checking this tab at least once a day.

Learning Resources

The resources tab can be found right at the top of the website. Out of all the tabs on the dashboard, this one is arguably the most crucial. You might wonder why. Considering that this is where the best practices and content policy documents are located!

Make sure you read over all of this information. Although it can be a bit tedious, it is crucial to your long-term success in the program. The content policy can be found here:

How to Calculate Merch by Amazon Royalties

You want to go to this page:

Managing Your Account

To see your company profile, payment info, banking info and tax information you need to go to My Account.

You can change your business e-mail address here in the future if you would like, but this is where you will go to grab your tax documents come tax season.

Other than that, this pretty much wraps up the dashboard. Once you are familiar with everything, the dashboard is easy to use and straight forward.

Understanding Copyrights/Trademarks

There are 2 crucial aspects you must understand.

Amazon BSR (Best Sellers Rank), and Copyright/Trademark. These are not always the flashy and exciting topics people like to talk about, but without at least a small understanding of these two things, you might as well just skip reading this entire article.

Copyright/Trademarks are Important!

 You may have heard the terms "copyright" and "trademark," but you don't know what they mean. Both copyright and trademarks protect intellectual property, although they do so for various asset kinds.

While a trademark protects names, phrases, and other intangibles, copyright primarily safeguards written and artistic works.logos and company brands.

Think of it this way. You can copyright your shirt design about entrepreneurship, which means that someone else would not be able to sell that particular design.

However, if you wanted to use the brand name “StartupBros” you wouldn’t be able to as this brand is protected by a trademarkYou must NEVER post designs that are duplicates of other people's work on Merch by Amazon or any other print on demand website. You WILL be banned from these platforms because you have violated someone else's copyright. Amazon does not want unreliable sellers to be listed there. Don't put your account at risk; they don't want to spend the time and resources dealing with this.

In this industry, copyright is not something you will need to worry about too often. Everything is fine as long as you're not taking other people's ideas and works of art.

But trademark is something you'll be considering a lot. You might have some problems with Amazon Merch because these are well-known expressions that people have registered as trademarks. The first is that many phrases and expressions have been protected in the past, so you cannot use them on your account. You cannot use some of the protected trademarks, even if they seem absurd (for example, "Aged to Perfection" has a live trademark). Be cautious!

Make sure to run ALL of your designs' text (and variations) via one of the following websites. I prefer to utilize the USPTO because it is the official database and will ultimately be the most accurate:

·         USPTO

·         Trademarkia

Please spend a few minutes looking at them before you move on to the exiting parts of this tutorial as I cannot stress how important this is in keeping your account safe!

Understanding Amazon Best Sellers Rank (BSR)

Amazon uses a metric known as BSR to show you how well each product on their website is selling. Each product is given a number based on the quantity of sales it makes within a given category.

BSR changes according to sales volume as it is influenced by how well other products in the same category are selling. All Merch by Amazon products are included in the Clothing category. After making sales in this category for a while, you begin to understand how BSR translates to sales.

A 100k BSR in apparel will differ from a 100k BSR in power tools. To find a product's BSR, visit the Amazon page where it is listed, scroll down to the product description, and look for the following box:

Two Ways to Research Niches (Increasing Your Chance Of Success)

The most crucial step for selling on the Merch by Amazon marketplace is this one. It is essential that you master this after being familiar with BSR and copyright/trademark issues. You won't succeed unless you have mastery (which requires actual effort). This becomes one of the easiest and most enjoyable aspects of the business if you put in the effort and understand the ropes.

Just to drive the point home,

If you don't correctly conduct your study, your odds of success are virtually nonexistent.

I've used a relatively straightforward approach for the many years I've sold merchandise on this platform. Discover where clients are spending their money, assess the competitors, and then offer better solutions to meet the demand at hand.

It seems simple, but it's actually more simpler than you might imagine when it comes to apparel.

I want to learn where people are making purchases. You can see what the present market has to offer once you determine what people genuinely want. then introduce something that will be more aesthetically pleasing and reasonably priced (Amazon customers are price sensitive).

By taking a look at certain keywords and best sellers rankings, all of this is accomplished.

Method 1: Researching Niches by Keywords

Go to Amazon and type "T-Shirt" followed by anything that comes to mind.

Press the search icon.

Always keep in mind that the highest selling categories are those driven by passion, therefore that's where you want to be.

However, what can be a passion for you might not be for others. Always keep in mind that in order to be successful in this type of business, you must be giving them what they want, NOT what you want.

We will use “BBQ” as an example.

Many product pages of results appear when you do this. It is immediately obvious that there are many inventive and diverse designs available. There are seven pages worth of results if you scroll all the way to the bottom of this page. Due to the fact that this category has more than 3,000 t-shirts, not all of the results are displayed.

We are aware that there are numerous BBQ-related shirts available on Amazon, but do people actually purchase these items there?

Different items do not necessarily indicate that they are selling well.

This process is probably one of the most time consuming and boring aspects of research, but it is important that you get a full view of a niche before you make a decision.

Steps to Research    

Create 20 distinct categories or niches in which you believe there may be interest.

Open up the category pages on Amazon.

Start by visiting each page, then select a listing to view the product description. To confirm that the shirts are selling, look for the qualifying BSR range.

Consider the question, "Can I do better?" Do you believe you can provide a better design to this market?

If so, include it in your Excel list of items for design and creation.

Continue rinsing and repeating

Can you make the design funnier, or more appealing to your target audience?

After browsing through tens or even hundreds of Amazon pages to determine where the demand was, create lists of hundreds of different Amazon URLs using Excel spreadsheets.

If you open up some of these t-shirts and look at their BSR, you'll see that they are really selling reasonably well. Opening a picture editing tool and making something better that says "Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em" would be quite easy.

The technique ramps up and you start making a lot of money if you reach the point where you have thousands of designs online, each selling one per day or even one per week.

Method 2: Researching Niches Via Brands

After browsing through tens or even hundreds of Amazon sites to see where the demand was, use Excel spreadsheets to compile lists of hundreds of distinct Amazon URLs.

If you open them up and look at their BSR, some of these t-shirts are actually selling reasonably well. To make something better that says "Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em," simply launch an image editing tool.

The method scales up and you start making a lot of money after you have hundreds of designs online, each selling one item per day or even one item per week. You will see this Amazon BBQ listing:

Right above the title of the shirt, itt says “Funny Saying t-shirts”.

This shirt is manufactured by this company. With the Merch by Amazon platform, you may give your shirts any brand name you like. You may learn more about the brand's further specializations.

To find some niches, click on the brand name at the top of the page, which will display all of the designs. Under this brand, there are 19 other shirts available. Browse the list to discover some fresh markets you might not have considered before. I never considered "troll hair" to be a specialty, but I can now see it is. Always open each shirt in a new tab to check if it is selling by looking at the BSR. Continue to add to the spreadsheet you are compiling! There are A LOT of t-shirts underneath some brands. Look at this company,

 Tripple G Mav. There are over 20,000 shirts under this brand. What a great place to do some more research!

Use keyword and brand research in conjunction with the two techniques of study I described above. Go through countless pages of designs until you have, say, 100–200 amazing niches as a solid base. If you can do this process again and your designs are good, you can finally make a stable five figures per month. You can tell that the market is hungry if they are good.

Speed Up The Research - Stop Wasting Hours Opening Links

The above is the exact steps that you can use to build up initial earnings from Merch by Amazon. To keep scaling (because everything is working properly), you need to be able to free up some time.

We created our own software that would take this exact research process, and automate it as much as we could. After many months of keeping quiet, we released our tool to the public and Merch Informer was launched in October of 2016.

·         For any term, Merch Informer displays all of the best-selling shirts in order of best sellers rank. Download and save the prices, descriptions, and links from a list of favorites. The Advanced Competition Checker feature provides comprehensive details on your competition and your opponents. You can determine which shirts are selling the best on Amazon with Merch Hunter. The top 1,000 best-selling shirts on Amazon are shown there in BSR order. In order to spot trends before they become popular, Movers & Shakers was developed. Using the BBQ example from earlier, you can see what it would look like inside the software. You can use all of this information to create long and detailed spreadsheets with the click of a button and then send them to my designer.  Virtual assistants, which we will discuss soon, is the easiest and quickest way to grow this Merch by Amazon business.


As a thank you to the community:

Amazon is a big data company.  We can then use this data to find unknown or super easy to rank for keywords specifically in the clothing market.

Creating Designs and Outsourcing

Now that you have a general understanding of how research is conducted, you must create some designs to post on the platform. You can either make them yourself or have someone else do it for you.

I had access to Photoshop when I first started, but I'm by no means a designer. In reality, the fact that I can essentially drag and drop objects and enter sentences was sufficient to get my first 100 designs online and in demand. Although they didn't look fantastic, people nevertheless bought them because they found them amusing. I loaded YouTube and studied several tutorials for everything I was unsure how to produce.

If you are going to create your own designs, you can use:

§  Photoshop ($9.99/month)

§  Illustrator


If you have neither PS or Illustrator, GIMP is a free option that works similarly. There are loads of tutorials that will teach you the basics of any of the design software listed above.

Please note that when you are creating these designs, they need to be 4500X5400 pixels large, and a 300 DPI.

Outsourcing is King!

My go to place for hiring people is generally Upwork.

It turns out that folks will produce top-notch work for about $4 per design. Here is the same script I am using right now, slightly changed from my original:

A lot of folks apply to design for you thanks to this script.

I provide one or two links from the research we conducted in the previous step to each applicant who submitted an excellent portfolio. Start hiring them for longer-term projects if their work is of good quality, original, and not being replicated.

Keep in mind that you want to get something in return for your Amazon link that is for the same market but with different artwork. To produce a superior product is the aim.

If you’re hesitant to outsource design work, read this guide on using upwork to outsource design work.

Keyword Optimized Listings

Only a few extra steps are required if you already have designs that are ready to go in order to make your product available to hundreds of millions of customers on Amazon.

The Merch by Amazon uploading procedure is really simple:

the picture to the internet

Decide on some colors.

Decide on a price.

Complete the listing information (price ,brand, title, bullet points, and description)


Whether or whether your product will sell well depends on price. Customers will judge whether or not they like your design after just one glance. The best design you can come up with that is appealing and will catch their attention should be your first priority.

The cost is the second factor shoppers take into account while purchasing apparel! They choose Amazon for shopping since it is convenient and because they have competitive prices on goods.

Adding up all the prices on the first page of results and dividing them by the total number of listings on the page is one of the simplest ways to assess if you are pricing in the center of the pack. You should set your price point to reflect this.

Brand Name

Put your brand in this slot if you're trying to develop a clothing line. The ranking of your item of clothing, however, might be impacted by branding.

Typically, I organize all of my Merch by Amazon products into various brands with keywords relevant to the market I am uploading to. I might type in the moniker "BBQ Lovers Anonymous" if your t-shirt talked about enjoying wonderful cuisine and BBQ.

Just make sure that the brand you want to enter is not trademarked and you can make up all sorts of combinations to put your shirts under.


The title is the factor that will truly determine where your product appears in Amazon searches. The use of keywords will be crucial in this situation. Before talking about keywords, we need to briefly examine competition and narrowing down.

Consider that you are making a "Cats"-related design for Halloween. You should actually look at what other designs are selling when you want to post that t-shirt and set the price appropriately.

However, you might just opt to add something like "black cat t-shirt" when you get to your title and call it a day. One of the largest errors brand-new users of the platform make is this!

If you look at it on, you can see that there are over 10,000 results there if you were to name your product "black cat t-shirt." This would be VERY difficult to rank, and most likely, players who have been selling for a while will drown you out. Being able to specialize increases your likelihood of making sales.

Take a minute on your title and think to yourself.

If a buyer wanted to find this specific clothing, what would they look for? The example of the black cat that I like to use might have some REALLY huge ears to look eerie.

Just simply significantly altering your title, you are now receiving less results while also including MORE pertinent keywords in your title. There are now only 217 results, compared to the approximately 10,000 competitors that were there earlier. Personally, I prefer to obtain fewer than 1,000 results.

The objective is to narrow your focus while also including keywords in your title. You will rank for more terms if you add more keywords to your title, but avoid being spammy! It is a waste of time to add keywords to your title only for the purpose of adding keywords. In relation to your design, it must make sense.

But our work is not yet done. Remember how I used the example of a t-shirt for Halloween? This amazing update lowers the competition while increasing keyword density

Just like that, 42 results, and the title contains more pertinent search terms. By just narrowing our focus to a pertinent term for the particular design, we may reduce the competition we are up against. This will guarantee that you have the highest chance of having your products rank well in searches and earning money. With each product you list on Merch, you should put this into practice. It could take a little longer, but the extra effort will be well worth it in the end.

Bullet Point

The second most crucial factor for ranking your Amazon listing is the use of bullet points. Without overusing them, you want these to be keyword-rich. Make sure the keywords you include in your listing are pertinent to the design you are uploading in order for this to happen. Check to check if the sentences you composed make sense by reading them aloud to yourself. If they don't, keyword stuffing might be the cause.

This place will be used by many new persons to briefly describe their goods.

Avoid doing this!

Although discussing your goods is excellent, this is the one opportunity you will ever have to close a sale. Give it your best effort to advertise as you only have two bullet points to deal with (with relevant keywords). Tell the consumer WHY they want this t-shirt and why they need it right away because they will read these.

Just as an illustration, consider how this may seem as a bullet point.

Observe how you are taking the time to sell the shirt to the potential buyer rather than just telling them what is on it. In addition to adding keywords like "kitty," "cute kitten," "kitten shirt," "Halloween costume," and "present," you're also persuading them to buy from you.

Watch how you spend more time describing the shirt to the prospective buyer than simply telling them what is on it. You persuade them despite the inclusion of the keywords (kitty, attractive kitten, kitten shirt, Halloween costume, gift),

Product Description

Where your t-shirts rank on Amazon is unrelated to the product description. Although they might not be used in ranking, the product descriptions DO determine what appears when customers search for your t-shirts on mobile devices.

They also appear on Google as the meta description. Therefore, even if it says that this field is optional, you still need to fill it out.

What I would recommend is to make sure your product descriptions are optimized to give the customer better information. That way, you are still selling the customer even while at the same time getting in those keywords for potentially ranking in Google.

merch by amazon reach

Expanding Your Reach - Scaling Up

One of the most simple online number games is Merch by Amazon. The more well-researched and optimized designs you put up on the marketplace, the more money you will generate. The fact that the majority of people are unwilling to try it is better for those who are.

If you want to scale as soon as possible, you must either be able to design yourself (which takes time if you are not already familiar with the process) or have the money to hire designers. I would advise you to create at least 2-3 designs per DAY when you first start. This works out to between 60 and 90 designs in a month.

Those of you who are new to Merch by Amazon might be about to call me out at this point. When there are just 10 spots available in Merch when you initially start out, why would you produce 60 to 90 designs?

There are a ton of other platforms with traffic, which explains why! This game's charm is that you are not REQUIRED to drive any traffic at all. Simply locate the areas where the crowd congregates. Although Amazon has the largest share of the market, other platforms are also very valuable. Upload your other designs to some of these platforms as you wait for more Amazon slots:

§  Printful + Etsy (one of the most profitable integrations)

§  Redbubble

§  Teespring

§  Zazzle

§  TeePublic

§  Spreadshirt

§  SunFrog

There are many more options available that people are finding successful. The first of my top three recommendations is to test out the Printful and Etsy combination. This enables you to use the Etsy marketplace to sell your creations without having to handle any shipping.

I would then try Redbubble because I know several people who are successful there. Like MBA, it is a complete POD. Finally, TeePublic is a fantastic option to try out because of how straightforward and user-friendly their submission process is.

Merch By Amazon Success Stories

You most likely have no reason to believe me if you have read this far into the post. I do get it!

Without at least attempting, you really cannot succeed in life, although I get that some people want to see evidence.

Let me showcase three individuals that have had success selling merchandise on the Merch by Amazon marketplace in recent years.

You most likely have no reason to believe me if you have read this far into the post. I do get it!

Without at least attempting, you really cannot succeed in life, although I get that some people want to see evidence.

Let me showcase three individuals that have had success selling merchandise on the Merch by Amazon marketplace in recent years. I have been writing a monthly case study on her account on the Merch Informer blog. Here are her earnings:

The second comes from a Scott. Scott and I actually crossed paths when I was expanding my affiliate website business years back. I finally persuaded him to try Merch when we were talking on Skype one day after much urging from me. He actually got off to a very similar start as I did. He self-created roughly 50 text-based designs, and after noticing that he was making a few sales, he started outsourcing. I would say that it was worthwhile.

“TGreg is the last one. I constantly urge them to put in the necessary time and effort if they want to achieve these lofty goals. But what happens if you only make a small effort? Just enough to get some sales and learn the ropes?

Since Greg's numbers are significantly lower than those in the previous two screenshots, I asked him what I should say when I was thinking about Greg. The first thing he said was as follows: his is what you can achieve with just 3 hours a week”

Wrapping this up...

Congratulations if you read this article all the way through. That pretty much sums up the essentials of how to launch an online T-Shirt business.

If you take the time to read over everything and get started while keeping committed, you can use the millions of Amazon customers to quickly grow a 6 figure apparel business.

It has never been so simple, but since many people are still not aware of this new print-on-demand platform, now is the perfect time to take advantage of it. Spend a little of your time learning how to design yourself if you lack the initial fees necessary.

In any case, the bulk of the cost is already incurred. There is only the potential for higher royalties; there is no inventory to keep track of or customer service to provide.

Consider this a chance to launch your own e-commerce business with the support of Amazon.

I appreciate the Startup Bro community allowing me to share this innovative strategy with everyone. Please post your questions in the comments section, and I'll visit to answer them. Good luck!

Make money from sources other than your app.

Through the sale of branded goods created by you that are manufactured, distributed, and shipped by Amazon, Merch by Amazon enables you to boost your revenue.

You can easily start selling branded products from a product page on by using Merch by Amazon. You bear no risk or out-of-pocket expense. Create a Merch by Amazon account, add the product's artwork, and then click the submit button. You can provide your players a fun, fresh way to engage with your brand and help grow your fanbase with Merch by Amazon.

Benefits of Merch by Amazon

Generate revenue in a whole new way

With Merch by Amazon, you can make money through the sale of branded products designed by you. You earn a royalty for every product sold with no out-of-pocket cost to you.

Benefit from Amazon's knowledge

Merch by Amazon is based on the global sales, distribution, logistics, shipping, and customer care capabilities of To save you time, Amazon handles the specifics.

Bring your audience up a notch

You can simply turn game characters or visuals into merchandise that your followers will like wearing with Merch by Amazon. Your game will become more popular than the platforms it is played on when you use branded goods.

Get started

Request an invitation

Merch by Amazon is in high demand, so request your spot today!

Design your product

Create a product your fans will love and upload your logo or artwork here

Set your own list price

Set your list price to be competitive and profitable.

Documentation and resources


Best practices

Content policy

Services agreement

Program materials license agreement

Terms of use

Product templates

Royalty calculation



Contact Merch by Amazon

Request a Merch by Amazon invitation

How does it function?

Just add your artwork, pick a product category, a color, and a description for the item. When customers purchase their goods from Amazon, we'll manage production, shipping, and customer care - all without charging you anything up front.

How are royalties calculated?
For full details on how Amazon calculates your royalty, please visit our 
Royalty Calculation page.


On each product sold, you receive a royalty. Your royalty is calculated using the purchase price of your product less any applicable taxes and less Amazon's expenses. Materials, production, fulfillment, customer support, returns, exchanges, and resources needed to identify and stop fraud are all costs associated with Amazon. When a consumer orders your goods, you must pick it up, pack it, and ship it to them. This includes delivery for orders that qualify for Amazon Prime and Free Shipping. The purchase price for US customers includes taxes, which are calculated and charged at the time of purchase (the below calculation example does not include those). For the marketplaces in Europe and Japan, taxes are already included in the purchase price that is shown on the product detail page and in the calculation example that follows.

Standard T-Shirt Examples - US

Purchase price

Purchase price










Note that in the UK, clothing for children is not subject to sales tax. Since all fits are priced the same and royalties are determined by the product's pre-tax selling price, royalties for UK children's sizes will be greater.

Content Policies

Our content guidelines must be followed for all designs submitted through the Merch program. Below is further information.

The content listed below is prohibited. The content policies could change at any time, and this list is not all-inclusive. Merch retains the right to judge whether listings are appropriate for its website and may at any time remove any listing. If you provide content that violates these content policies, we have the right to take remedial action, including immediately suspending or terminating your ability to create content, deleting your listings, cancelling our business relationship, or withholding payments indefinitely.

1. Illegal or Infringing Content

  • Content that is illegal under local, state, or federal law in the areas where your listings are shown.
  • Content that contains intellectual property you do not have the right to use, such as trademarks, copyrights, or the name or likeness of others.
  • These tools can be used to search for registered trademarks.

2. Offensive or Controversial Content

  • content that encourages, incites, or glorifies racism, sexuality, or other forms of bigotry, or that supports groups that hold these ideas.
  • graphic material that shows acts of violence or their victims.
  • Content with sexually provocative images of children or characters with children's features.
  • items intended for young consumers that have sexual allusions, obscenity, and/or adult material.
  • content relating to natural disasters and human tragedies.
  • Content that could hurt you because it is false or deceitful.
  • content that uses obscene language to criticize a person or group.
  • content that encourages unlawful behavior.
  • sexually explicit material.
  • stuff that is inflammatory

3. Other Content Not Allowed 

  • requests for client testimonials.
  • Content that gives the impression that sales earnings will be given to charities or other good causes.
  • Content that makes mention of fulfillment, delivery, or product qualities.
  • Other materials that might harm the user experience.
  • See the Guide to Merch Product Quality for examples of content that's typically disappointing to customers.

Product templates to download

Organizing templates according to print dimensions. One template, for instance, is used for all t-shirts, sweatshirts, long sleeve t-shirts, and the back of pullover hoodies. Due to the need for a different artwork dimension, the front of the hoodies is in a different template.

Artwork should be:

  • PNG format with transparency
  • sRGB color space
  • Less than 25 MB

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