Buy and Sell websites

Buy and Sell websites


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It might be time-consuming to create a website from scratch before it generates income. However, purchasing an established website will allow you to immediately begin making money from it. You can still sell your website to someone else if they don't want to start from fresh with their own.

This is a website broker for middle-market company websites with an income of over $2 million  - $10 million per annum. The broker focuses on large deals through strategic transactions. Founders Advisors is interested in software, digital media, and healthcare, oil, and gas industries.

A business like any other is buying and selling websites. It is comparable to purchasing and selling vehicles, homes, and other goods. There are online marketplaces where buyers and sellers can connect with seasoned and specialized brokers. They have the responsibility to investigate parties, determine market value, and guarantee safe transactions.

Select pertinent publishers, request the creation of blog posts, or submit your own content. The optimum outcome is achieved for both publishers and customers.

The platform provides eCommerce, SaaS, and content enterprises with merger and acquisition consultancy services. Sales for the company must be between $50,000 and $100,000,000. Entrepreneurs can start and finish transactions with the assistance of the website Buy and Sell Companies by using its due diligence, strategic negotiations, value analysis, legal structuring, acquisition accounting, exit planning, post-sale considerations, and other services.

Business Valuation

When you select the "Sell your business / website" icon and start the listing creation process, you will receive a valuation. Furthermore, you have the option of using the suggested pricing or setting your own.

Advice for Online Website Purchase and Sale


By exercising due diligence, you can avoid mistakes. Additionally, you can cooperate with well-known marketplaces that perform extensive due research on behalf of buyers.

You ought to be aware of the kind of buyer you are. Are you buying a website to flip, to rapidly increase your revenues with your current resources, or to diversify your holdings?

Avoid websites that participate in humor by concentrating on SEO, such as private blog networks (PBN). When Google finds out, manipulating search engine results can go horribly wrong.


Since most brokers give free valuations, get several. The broker will work harder to obtain you a higher close price if you pay a commission. Have your data available, such as receipts for payments.

The majority of well-established markets prefer to keep the agreement confidential to prevent the emergence of lots of competitors. Maintain your current systems because a buyer could appear at any time.

Get many values - The majority of brokers give free valuations, so you can go around and compare estimates of your site's value.

Don't be afraid to pay commission; if the broker sells your site for 25% more than you could have sold it for on your own, it will be worth the 15 percent fee.

Have the data — Verify that you have analytics, revenue evidence, etc. You'll get a greater price if folks believe that you're offering the actual product.

Keep your information private. Nobody wants to purchase a site only to see a ton of rivals appear later. Due of this, the majority of reputable marketplaces keep information private and only reveal the exact URL to approved purchasers.

Create systems for important site tasks using already-existing systems

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