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Google Analytics & Marketing Platform


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Google Marketing Platform 

Overview (Get essential customer insights)

Obtain a thorough insight of your clients across all platforms and devices. You may increase marketing ROI and comprehend the customer journey with the free tools provided by Google Analytics.

View the benefits for yourself.

Unlock measurement that is customer-focused.

Recognize how users interact with your sites and apps over the course of their whole lifecycle.

Obtain more insightful information to boost ROI.

Utilize Google's machine learning to uncover fresh perspectives and predict future customer behavior to maximize the value of your data. Link your insights to outcomes.

Utilize connectors between Google's publisher and advertising tools to take action and improve marketing success. Utilize your data to your advantage.

With a simple interface and sharing reports, you can quickly assess your data and work together.

Get a full picture.

Analytics enables you to have a deeper comprehension of how people interact with your brand so you can improve customer experiences and generate outcomes.

Google Analytics For Small Business - Start Now

Improve your insights to help you run your business.

Solutions for all of your demands will help you grow your business.

You can use our free marketing analytics and optimization tools to expand your company.

Simple-to-use tools

You can spend more time satisfying customers and less time studying data with simple solutions that offer strong insights.

Large results for modest expenditures.

Access free and self-service solutions that will cost your company next to nothing and help your marketing reach new heights.

Our use of Google Analytics to improve our art marketplace led to a 400% increase in income year over year for our art business.

For every type of business, marketing options.

Design to work together

Because our solutions are designed to work together, it's simple for you to gain insights across all of our offerings and provide superior customer experiences.

Make use of your findings even more.

To quickly obtain the information you need to provide fast, relevant customer experiences, connect Google Analytics with Optimize, Surveys, Tag Manager, and Data Studio.

Obtain a thorough understanding of your advertising.

Because Google Ads and Analytics are integrated, it's simple to monitor the entire customer lifecycle, from the moment they interact with your marketing to the moment they achieve the objectives you've set for them on your website.

Provide more relevant ad interactions.

Keep visitors interested during their visit to your site and beyond. Testing is made simple by a connection between Optimize and Google Ads.

Google Analytics For Enterprise Advertising - Start Now

Better outcomes from a smarter platform.

faster and more effective marketing.

So that you may move fast to accomplish your goals, built-in intelligence automatically reveals your most useful marketing insights.

Increase your investing control.

Make smart decisions to boost performance by seeing clearly which aspects of your marketing are effective and ensuring that you're providing high-quality experiences.

Deepen your understanding of your audience.

Gain a deeper knowledge of your customers and recognize your most valuable audiences by easily integrating and accessing your data.

Share your team's insights.

Make data and insights available across your whole organization so that teams may collaborate more effectively.

Key Benefits:

Get a full picture

Recognize your target audience.

Obtain more insightful information to boost ROI.

Link your insights to outcomes.

Utilize your data to your advantage.

Improve your marketing's return on investment.

Drive into the details.

With integrated automation, clear and flexible reporting, cross-platform attribution, and much more, you can have a solid measuring foundation.

Lider uses Google Analytics to 18X enhance conversion rate.

In order to re-engage users and identify new users who are most likely to make purchases, Lider deployed Analytics as a single measuring source of truth across its website and app. A reduction in CPA of 85% and an increase in conversion rate of 18X were the outcomes.

Recognize your target audience.

Unlock customer-centric measurement across all of your websites and apps so that you can see what is and is not working. With the use of advanced reporting and analysis, you can see how customers interact with your company and the role that various channels play. For a more comprehensive picture, you may even link CRM measurement systems, point-of-sale systems, and other first-party data sources.

Obtain more insightful information to boost ROI.

Discover new and predictive insights from your data using Google's machine learning, such as which users are most likely to make a purchase or leave. When used correctly, machine learning will improve your measurement.

Link your insights to outcomes.

In order to help you leverage your insights to boost marketing effectiveness, Analytics is designed to integrate with other Google solutions and partner products. To increase your marketing ROI, integrate Analytics with Google Ads, Search Ads 360, Display & Video 360, Google Cloud, and Google Search Console.

Utilize your data to your advantage.

Quickly analyze data and work together with your team using a simple interface and shareable reports. Utilize our configuration APIs to make everything flexible and fully programmatic while processing and sharing data quickly. Along with providing safe, accurate data across your sites and apps while remaining completely under your control, analytics also provides built-in technical assistance and a worldwide infrastructure.

The Specifics.

Understanding how users interact with your websites and mobile applications can enable you to take steps to enhance their user experience. Check out the features listed below to learn more about what Google Analytics is capable of.

Internal Automation

Predict user behavior, get quick answers to inquiries regarding your analytics data, and make advantage of potent modeling tools.

Capabilities for Prediction

Analytics may examine your data and forecast potential future actions that users might take, such as making a purchase or churning, by using Google's machine learning algorithms. In order to increase conversions or keep more of your users, you may then construct audiences that are anticipated to do these actions.

Vigorous Insights

Actionable insights from your data, such as significant changes, fresh trends, and other expansion prospects you should be aware of, will be automatically detected and surfaced by analytics.

Private Modeling

Based on your observed, first-party, and consented data, Google's machine learning models give you a more comprehensive picture of the customer journey, improving your understanding of consumer behavior and conversions.

Responses to Your Queries

Use the search bar to ask questions in plain language to discover the measure, report, or insight you're seeking for quickly.


Quickly access reports to learn more about how users engage with your websites and apps.

Reporting in Real Time

As it happens, keep an eye on activity on your website or app.

Acquisition Reports

To gauge the success of your marketing, look at how customers arrive at your website or app.

User Development

Find out how users arrive at your website or app from various paid and organic sources.

Traffic Increasing

View traffic and interaction on your website or app from various sponsored and organic traffic sources in a session-based manner.

Reports on User Engagement

Improve your knowledge of the content that encourages interaction and conversions on your website or app.

Situation Report

View user actions, system events, or problems in detail.

Report on Conversion

Check to see how your marketing channels are collaborating to increase conversions.

Report for Pages and Screen

Check out which app and website screens get the most attention from users.

Financial Reports

Find out how much money your website or app makes from e-commerce, subscriptions, or advertisements.


Analyze the data related to purchases, such as product and transaction details, average purchase revenue, average revenue per user, and other information.

App Store Purchases

With knowledge about the best-performing goods and subscriptions, you can increase the revenue from your app.

Author Ads

Utilize the Google Analytics for Firebase SDK to view the advertising revenue that your app generates.

Data Reliability (Analytics 360 Only)

Utilize the API and user interface of Analytics 360 to obtain ongoing intraday data. You can make judgments more quickly because data typically surfaces an hour after collection.

Sub-Properties (Analytics 360 Only)

Create distinct views of your data for various nations or product categories.

Reporting in Rolls (Analytics 360 Only)

To view global metrics, get a combined view of all the data from your Analytics 360 properties. Alternatively, you can construct distinct views of the data for different countries or product lines.

Advertising Workspace

Improve your knowledge of the ROI of your media expenditure across all channels, allocate budget wisely, and assess attribution models.

Commercial Snapshot

Quickly take care of routine advertising requirements and gain deeper campaign success data from Google Ads, Display & Video 360, and Search Ads 360.


Cross-platform attribution reporting can let you examine each touchpoint in your marketing funnel and help you understand the value of your marketing.

Powered by Data Attribution

Utilize Google's machine intelligence to comprehend how each touchpoint in your marketing funnel contributes.

Report on Conversion Paths

Recognize the conversion paths used by your customers and how various attribution models provide credit for those conversions.

Report on Model Comparison

Examine the effects of various attribution models on the estimation of your marketing channels.


Your data may be accessed, arranged, and visualized to meet your business needs. Without the constraints of pre-defined reports, conduct more in-depth, personalized study of your data and share discoveries with other people.

Flow-Forward Exploring

To get immediate visualizations of your data, perform ad-hoc analysis by dragging and dropping numerous variables onto a canvas. These variables are the various segments, dimensions, and metrics you use to measure your business.

Exploring the Funnel

Visualize the steps visitors take to complete activities on your website or mobile application. This will help you improve user experience and identify audiences that are doing better or worse than expected.

Overlapping Segments

See how various user segments interact with one another. Utilize this strategy to find new user groups that fit stringent requirements.

Path Discovery

Visualize the conversion routes taken by your users as they utilize your website and app.

Cohort Investigation

Gain knowledge of how user behavior and performance changes as they are categorized by shared characteristics.

User Investigation

Select particular user categories, then dig deeper to learn how they interact with your website or app.

User Duration

Investigate user behavior and value across the course of a customer's lifetime.

Reverse Pathing

Analyze the variations, patterns, or trends in the routes people traveled to get there starting with a conversion or other important event and working backwards from there.

Analogous Investigations

To gain access to raw data, perform more sophisticated analysis, and find more specific insights, create unsampled explorations. Run unsampled explorations for up to 50 billion events per day in Analytics 360.

Data Collection and Management

Collect, organize, and manage your data easily with a variety of integrated tools.

Assemblage APIs

Any internet-connected third-party system that supports Javascript libraries, mobile app SDKs, and an open measurement protocol can feed interaction data into Analytics.

Tag Management Assistance

Every top tag management system, including Google Tag Manager and Tag Manager 360, supports analytics.

Admin API

Utilize our admin to dynamically manage your Analytics configuration.

Custom Definitions

Simple import of specific data. A variety of organized or unstructured text or measurements can be measured using custom definitions, including custom dimensions and metrics.

Import Data

For a more comprehensive understanding of the customer experience, safely integrate your first-party data and utilize it in conjunction with your analytics data.

Export GooglBig Query

You can easily transfer your Analytics data to Google Big Query through an integration, where you can perform interactive analysis on up to a trillion rows of data, integrate different data sources, perform sophisticated predictive modeling, and more.

Increased Limits (Analytics 360 Only)

For up to 125 custom dimensions, 400 viewers, and 50 conversion types, Analytics 360 offers higher limits.

Custom Tables Automatically (Analytics 360 Only)

Automatic custom tables provide quick, high cardinality tables for your most crucial data sets.


Analytics is designed to work seamlessly with other Google solutions and partner products, saving you time and increasing efficiency.

Google Ads - Start Now

The Google Ads reports in Analytics let you view your Ads data alongside information about the performance of your website and app. Additionally, you may import audiences and conversions from Analytics into your Google Ads account.

Video & Display 360 - Start Sell Today!

View and examine your Analytics Display & Video 360 data. Export conversions made in Analytics and apply them in Display & Video 360's automatic bidding. Utilize Analytics to create audiences for Display & Video 360.

Google Ads 360 - Talk to Sales

View and examine your Analytics data from Search Ads 360. Export conversions made in Analytics and use them in Search Ads 360's automated bidding. Use audiences you create in Analytics with Search Ads 360.

Google Cloud - BigQuery

With a built-in link to Big Query, the enterprise data warehouse offered by Google Cloud, you can quickly combine Analytics data with other datasets and have access to Big Query's potent insight-finding features.

Integration of Salesforce Marketing Cloud - Try for free

For a fuller understanding of campaign performance, Analytics data is exposed in the Marketing Cloud reporting UI. UTM parameters will be added automatically to your Marketing Cloud emails so you can use Analytics to determine the effectiveness of your emails.

Ad Manager for Google - Get Started

Apply your analytics data to Google Ad Manager to enhance monetization and user experience on your websites and apps.

AdMob by Google -Start Today!

You can earnings from your AdMob app.

GooglPlay Store - Visit Now

Keep track of your app's Google Play sales and subscription income.

Search Console by Google

Discover which search terms users used to find your site and how the performance of your organic Search efforts relates to behavior on your website by viewing Search Console data in Analytics.

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