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Selling your website or online company may cause some anxiety.

Regardless of your degree of experience.

What happens if you squander your time and no sales are made on the website?

What documentation do you need to produce to attract buyers' attention?

What if you drop money on the ground?


Even if you accept an offer, there are still more obstacles to overcome before the deal is completed.

Buyers must do due diligence; else, you'll waste time on tire kickers. They appeared excited, but they had never intended to buy the business.

Keep in mind the tasks that must be completed when the sale is finalized.

You must walk the buyer through acquiring the name, switching the hosting, and ensuring that all the the content is working, and switch all the monetization on the site.

Our sales process is as simple as 1, 2, 3,... oh, 4, 5!

After more than a thousand internet enterprises were sold, we started to experience the annoyances and frustrations of the selling process.

The transfer process and dealing with insincere "buyers" were a significant waste of our time and money.

We therefore set out to design a market place that caused fewer annoyances and increased profits for merchants.

Why Should You Sell to

Compared to selling the website on your own, you make more money working with us.

We normally list a website by averaging the net profit over the previous six to twelve months, and depending on a number of variables, multiplying that value by a multiple ranging from 20X to 60X+.

[Net Profit Average Over 6–12 Months] Listing Price = x (20 to 60+)

Reach tens of thousands of eager purchasers who receive emails every week when we add new websites

Concerned that you won't be able to seal the deal? We receive more interested customers and hundreds of visitors flood the marketplace every time we send out an email. The majority of listings are unlocked by several confirmed purchasers.

Our sales conversion rate is 75%.

We have personally sold over 2,000 online businesses and assisted in more than 1,000 online business transactions, which is a record for the industry. With such a high success record, you may be confident that we will finish the deal.

We are accustomed to our clients.

We already have relationships with prospective buyers, so we can readily help in obtaining the information needed to prepare for a sale and cater recommendations to buyers we are aware are looking for a particular type of business.

Never engage in conversation with tire kickers and con artists.

We handle all client communications on your behalf, freeing up your time to run and expand your business. Actually, buyers must unlock a listing before customers can access certain data on your website.

You're not

We never provide specific information to potential purchasers who have unlocked your advertisement, and we keep the URL of your website private. Actually, both you and the buyer win from this. The issue with open sales is that numerous imitations appear in an effort to profit from the organizational structure and market niche. You won't need to worry about more new competition if you disguise the URL.

It benefits you to work with a broker who can renegotiate and "massage" a contract.

We will introduce new ideas and deal structures that you might not be familiar with in order to avoid the deal failing as a result of a numerical inaccuracy.

You can relax while we carry out the website migration.

done as a favor to you

There is no need for software. There is no need to contact your website host. We take care of everything for you.

Prospective purchasers who haven't unlocked the listing won't know your website's URL or any other data because we keep them in the dark. Actually, this benefits both you and the customer.

With open sales, there is a problem in that numerous imitations spring up in an effort to capitalize on the niche and website design. By hiding the URL, there is no need to be concerned about the influx of new competition.

Why Fees Are Valuable?

Our charges are self-supporting. The blended commission structure means that the commission rates are placed on top of one another according to the size of the company.

The breakdown is as follows:

Under $700,000 - A flat 15% of the sale price will be the commission.

The commission will be decreased to 8% on the amount over $700,000 but less than $5,000,000. The worth of the business between $700,000 and $5,000,000.

Business valuations over $5 million will see a further reduction in commission to 2.5% of the amount over $5,000,000.

Check out our commission calculator to determine the potential compensation amount depending on your expected listing price.

Even with us, you'll still make more money than if you sold your website or company.

What is require to sell the business?

Before we get started, we will need a few things from you.

Here are our current requirements for online businesses that need to be met before they can be accepted onto our marketplace.

1.An online business that makes $2,000 per month or more in net profit over a 12-month average.

2.Google Analytics on the website for at least 3 months (Clicky is also acceptable).

3.Business must have a SOLID track record of at least 12 months of revenue/earnings. (We will accept a record of 6 months for Adsense / Amazon Associates / Affiliate businesses.)

4.Adsense / Amazon Associates / Affiliate / Advertising sites must be on the same domain for the previous 12 months.

5.There must be no evidence of actively manipulating with penalizations, deleted accounts, 301 redirects short-term earnings etc. (If there are 2 instances or more, the website/business will immediately be rejected)

6.Service/Client businesses must derive over 50% of their income from multiple clients, can’t just be relying on a single customer.

7.PLEASE NOTE: The company cannot be involved in the sale of tangible CBD or hemp oil-related products, gambling, payday loans, hacking, pornography, or any other illicit material. Additionally, any website that makes dubious claims about herbal remedies for curing diseases or anything else along these lines won't be permitted (which we will also determine during the vetting period).

8.Generally, we do not accept businesses in the “adult” niche. Businesses in the sexual wellness space may be considered if we believe we have the buyer pool.

9.In addition to above categories, any website with fake SEO, IG/Facebook/Twitter followers etc. will immediately be denied.

10.We may reject a business we deem as being unfit for our marketplace or if we don’t believe we have the buyer pool for the current business due to the structure or P&L.

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