Rare US Kennedy Silver Half Dollar 1964 $100000

Rare US Kennedy Silver Half Dollar 1964 $100000 (Buy Now)

Website Worth Calculation


Eligibility Requirement For Sell Your Business:

Business Age: Business age at least 1 Year.
Income From Business: Income from Business at least 9 Month to 1 Year.
Document Submission: Please Submit Income Proof Supporting Document Statement.

Our Commission Service Charge:
15% on your Total Sales Value.

Sell Value of Your Business Calculation: 
We provided below the Calculation how much can you Sell of your Business.

Example (Calculation Of Your Business Value) : 
If You Business Income Statement Are Following Below:
January $1000
February $2000
March $3000
April $4000
May $5000
June $6000
July $7000
August $8000
September $9000

*Total Income of your Business = $45000
*Average Income of your Business =Total Income $45000 ÷ 9 Months
                                                               = $5000
*So Your Business Sell Value = $5000×20
                                            = $100000

So You Will Received Total Sales Value For Your Business (After Sell Your Business)= $85000 (After Deduction 15 % Commission Charge)